Fantasy Adenture Stories .....

....... an entertaining fantasy story is a unique way to practice and familiarise yourself with another language. It's fun, helps you remember the words and structure, and is the next best thing to hearing it around you all day.

You can follow the story and absorb vocabulary for numbers, colours,food, weather, family, farm animals, minibeast creatures and a host more useful every day, phrases.

As well as the picture book illustrating the adventure (can you find the mouse hidden on every page?) you can listen again and again to the audio story told in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German or Russian.




Great for:

  • Fun
  • Immersion with visual clues, the way children learn their language
  • The car
  • The dog walk, the run or the gym
  • Teaching
  • Vocabulary
  • Re-visiting a rusty language
  • Dipping in
  • Repetition
  • End of term treats
  • Gifts